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Hi, i'm genevieve

i'm a social media manager, content creator
and founder of social garnish.

My passion for social media comes from the innate enjoyment of connecting with others, after all, isn’t that what social media is all about? 

Audiences don’t just want to buy from you, they want to be able to trust you. They want to know that your values align with theirs. They want to be able to identify with your company ethos and see the personality behind the brand. 

Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trend survey found more people in the younger generation turn to social media to research a brand rather than search engines, reiterating that...


Social Media is more than just an extension of the brand voice, but “now it is the brand’s voice. It is its core platform to engage with, sell to, and service customers.”

This is what Social Garnish does best. We’ll help your business identify your ideal brand personality, voice and visual aesthetic and build your social media and content strategy to make sure your audience connects and engages with you.


We specialise in creating for wellness and beauty brands. We know just how to get that perfect mix of science-based content, stunning aesthetics and that brand voice that audiences relate to. We’ll help you establish a thriving brand presence and grow a community of loyal, returning customers that don’t just love what you do, but who you are. 

Work with us and expect increased brand awareness, more sales and a higher level of ROI, all customised to your business' goals. We have dedicated team members for each client and service, so you're getting an expert working with you directly.

Our St0ry

We first and foremost are a creative agency.


We thrive on finding the most forward-thinking, creative solutions to the problems we face in marketing.

We have a giant passion for content creation and a love of wellness, health, skincare, haircare and beauty and bring dedicated experts to every project we take on. We specialise in creating content in this field because we know what works.


We know what gets the attention of your target audience and what they connect and engage with. We'll help you hone in exactly on who your ideal customer is, what they need and how to use social media to connect with them and keep them coming back for more.


Rest assured if you work with us you’re getting the most up-to-date strategic advice, industry-specific expertise with proven results and experience from managing social media for some amazing wellness and beauty brands.

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Why are we a safe bet for your business?

We’ve got expert industry knowledge in social media and ads to target Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

We have proven success in social media content strategy and audience growth for wellness and beauty businesses.

We're committed to getting you the best results possible. You'll have dedicated team members solely working on your business, focused on your goals.

want tO
learn mOre?

Get in touch with the head honcho & hear it from the horse's mouth.

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